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Nov. 7th, 2010

So after yesterday's complaint about being a little behind, I am now over four thousand words ahead. I had a day with no work, no husband, and no homework, so I novelled off and on the whole day (it helps that this year, I actually have a story I'm interested in with my being invested in).

It's funny, though; I'm one of those people who finds it cloying when writers talk about how their characters get out of hand or "don't listen to them," but when I do NaNo, I have to admit, that seems to be a valid complaint, honestly.

First off, two of my characters, Kat and Devon, were originally supposed to be much more sinister than they are turning out to be, and Sam's sexual awakening was supposed to happen with Devon, not with a came-out-of-nowhere character of Ethan. Also, I wanted Sam to sort of be the unknowing third party in a polyamorous relationship, but now one of the pair who was supposed to be in the relationship has decided, no, he's not bi, he's flat out gay, and... man. I honest, honest to God did not plan this or shape hoe this wound up happening. It just... happened.

Either way. Over 15000 words, topped out on my word quota through Tuesday thouh I will still be writing every day (want a good padding for Thanksgiving - family, food, a short vacation, and Harry Potter, woo hoo!) I want to win this year, and I want to finish my goddamn novel this year!

Hope everyone else is doing well.


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